Photos ~ Cider Pressing Kinda' Afternoon

Libby and I joined Stowe, his two little'n's, Lynn, and her girl out this afternoon at Terry's Berries to pick then cider press apples. We grabbed our buckets, trudged down a farm road, past the bee boxes, and into the orchard. There we found tree after tree picked nearly bare and were resolved we'd maybe get one bucket full if we combined our finds. As we started to leave, a farm employee rolled back a length of "CAUTION" tape keeping us from some rows of trees bursting with red apples. Within a handful of minutes we had handfuls of fruit and filled our buckets. After we paid (and Libby ran into a cousin!) we washed then diced up and pressed our treats which we enjoyed this afternoon spiced, zested and warmed up after a lovely autumn day in the Northwest.

Buckets (and boots) at the ready!

Fish face! (great to have embarassment fodder for later years -- you're welcome Stowe)

Aisles of herbs

Marching off to apple battle

So looks like her mom

Sugar pumpkins

This is my new desktop

Wait, this is my new desktop

Crap, this is gonna be my desktop!

Shoot! Maybe this'll be my desktop

A little disappointed at the apparent lack of fruit

Libby's hair all freshy cut and proud of it

Must pretend to destroy the last apple on Earth!

Nah, only kidding. You're safe (for now) little apple

Now there's my new desktop. :)

Picking the newly accessible apples

Mother Goose and her (his) flock

He had something on his middle finger so, naturally, I asked him to show me

Happily running to her dad!

A moment later. Ah, how swifty their moods doth change

Many bees happily bee'ing along

Washing the apples

Putting the apples in the grinder

Pressing the apples

Getting a stray bee or two in the apple juice

Filtering then capping the apple goodness.

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