Photos ~ Cookies & Chowder w/Friends

Libby and I had some friends and their kids over today to decorate homemade cookies and eat homemade clam chowder. Everyone took a stab at frosting, sprinkling, and M&M'ing their suger or gingerbread cookies while others helped cut out new ones, chase the kitties, or play Legos. We got to meet Gavin and Holly's new little, little one Soren (cutie!) and even Libby's cousin going to PLU came over for the occasion. Once everyone was gone, however, things got weird. Just look at the pics below and you'll see what I mean. Needless to say, frosting may be off my list for a good while. ;)

A couple that stirs together...

The cookie decorating zone

The cookie CLAW by RR Anderson

The Andersons!

Gavin and their new little one

Rolling out cookie dough

Some Lego action in the living room (all the while Stowe's daughter lays the smack down WWE style!)

Stowe's edible, ginger bread Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo

Can find the zombie, Tron guy, and steak?

Kitties didn't like the commotion and were hiding upstairs in protest

Libby's idea of an after-cookie decorating party

Hey, what's that on your lips Libs...?

Oh not it's (hmm nmm snffff)...

...frosting. Sigh...

Wait a minute, I didn't sign up for this

Maniacal glee

OK, ha ha... that was funny. We done now?

Realizes I've let her have an inch and now thinks she'll take a yard

Oh dear! This is not what I signed up for...

Let's see what other colors we have

More? Good thing I like you...

Crap, am I actually starting to enjoy this?


Notice her left arm in place to make sure there's no escape

Now thinks she's a master of this particular form of edible makeup


No, no! Not the eyes! Anything but...!

The finished master piece.

Was so giddily proud this may be photo proof that she pooed herself a little. ;)

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