Photos ~ Leaving Death Valley for Las Vegas

Before leaving Death Valley, Todd, Maggie and I headed out to see the dune field. We didn't have much time to explore before grabbing breakfast and checking out but we wandered a bit and marveled at the landscape within a landscape. On the drive back we stopped a couple times so I could take in some of the spectacular geology on display and even made a brief stop in Death Valley Junction to see the Amargosa Hotel and Opera House exterior. Next time I'll definitely stay there but this time I only got a taste of the sad little town with a lot of character.

I bid farewell to Maggie and Todd in exchange for hanging with my cousin Deb, her husband Dan, cousin Krissy, and her friend Mike. We met Krissy and Mike in the Caesar's Palace mall where an impressive yet cheesy anamatronic show went on at one end. An impressive indoor display of fire and water which is always good times. After my eyes filled with the sky painted arched ceilings and numerous recreations of famous Roman statues we snacked at Deb's before paying a visit to a massive nearby outdoor store. Why, you may ask? Seems my sweet little cousin Krissy has taken a shining to shooting pistols when in town. Dan showed everyone the ropes and how to shoot safely and we were off. We slid targets to and fro and took turns shooting with a couple 9mm's and a 22. Guns aren't something I'm excited about owning myself but it was a good time and I'm not too shabby a shot, I might add. ;)

We wrapped up the night watching the Belagio fountain show (about 4 times!) then wandered into the Paris casino. Not impressed with the place nor the watered down expensive drinks, we headed back to the Belagio where I bet the $20 my dad gave me in a slot machine. Thankfully, I didn't lose anything and, in fact, made an extra $11.85 on top of that. That's right, Vegas got nothin' on me baby!

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