Photos ~ Flight and Evening Wander in Mid-Manhattan

After a clear and smooth flight I arrived at JFK International Airport and began my first business trip to New York. I've been twice before so it wasn't all new and shiny to me which worked well since this would be such a short visit. After the subway ride into the city I took to wandering a bit around and stopped by the big Apple store there (madness!) and enjoyed some of the naturally and artificially frozen ponds in the park. From there I met up with the ever lovely and talented Wendy Gillis for dinner at Topaz Thai (my favorite! been every time I have) and a couple drinks after at Guantanamera.

Mt. Rainier (right) and Mt. Adams from the air

Mt. Rainier (left) and Mt. St. Helens (in the distance)

Mt. Adams (top left) and Oregon's Mt. Hood (in the distance)

Mt. Rainier (right) and Mt. St. Helens (in the distance)

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