Photos ~ Tacoma's Kaiser smokestack (pre-demolition)

In the interest of a little bit of history I headed down to the tideflats yesterday to grab some parting shots of the Kaiser smokestack. It's set for demolition at 8am this Sunday. I found some good angles from around the area and actually discovered how serene it can actually be in the middle of a large industrial zone. I got closest to the smokestack while driving down Alexander Ave. from the north. First, I had no idea there was a casino out there and, second, they're host a huge parking lot full of fireworks vendors called "Firecracker Alley" that had paid folks to hold signs a few miles back near I-5. Aside from that, Alexander Ave. dead ends near the port for whatever reason so there's very little traffic after 5pm and I even saw a family of geese toddling about.

Anyway, the smokestack is an impressive beast and it'll be great to see it topple. Nevertheless, here's to the smokestack and our more industrial path for those folks paved the way (sometimes literally) to our present and future.

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posted Jun 30, 2006 under demolition, kaiser aluminum, smokestack, tacoma  

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