Photos ~ New MultiCare Emergency Department Tour

I took some time this weekend to tour around the new MultiCare Tacoma General and Mary Bridge Emergency Department. The grand opening was this weekend and the real opening of services in the new facility is tomorrow so I thought I'd share a glimpse into a place I hope none of you ever have to visit.

Overall, their capabilities to take in and treat emergency and cancer patients (both adult and kids) is vastly increased. The layout of the emergency department is thoughtful and has separate areas for older and younger patients. My favorite feature is that the emergency rooms are behind a glass door that's paralleled by all the nurses stations so there's literal transparency on both sides and really no where to hide a patient no one wants to deal with (from the patient's perspective, that is). The new facility is stocked with some amazing technology like digital x-ray machines that use half the radiation dose to get an image, an impressive linear accelerator for pinpoint zapping cancer cells (behind a lead brick wall!), and even a laptop on a rolling cart for translation services. On the low tech side of things there are thoughtful additions like their beautiful non-denominational chapel and hide-a-bed couches in longer stay rooms.

There's tons more you can read about over at but here are my pics!

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