Photos ~ Bridge and Museum of Glass night shots

I got an email from a couple fellow Tacoma Photo Gang members yesterday that they were headed downtown to shoot at night. Sounded like fun so I joined in. trumpetlamp and jdm_photo met me down on the Bridge of Glass a little after 9 o'clock. I'd already been out for a few shooting an in-motion Link, the UWT Library building, and the History Museum. From there we slowly progressed across the bridge mostly looking for spots out covered from the misty rain that was falling. Despite the precip I thought it made for some great reflections on the cement for a bunch of shots. There were even some spotlights whirling around for some event at the Museum of Glass that made for some fun lighting on the hot shop cone and just in the drizzle itself.

Thanks for the last minute invite guys. We'll have to do this kinda' thing more often.

Link to trumpetlamp and jdm_photo on Flickr

Fun with trumpetlamp's fixed focal length 1.8

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posted Apr 8, 2007 under bridge of glass, downtown, hot shop cone, museum of glass, night photography, tacoma  

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