Photos ~ Shot by Gavin (a.k.a. The Most Vain Entry Ever)

For quite a while now my friend Gavin and I have been digital photo buddies. We both started with point-and-shoots and worked out way up to fancier DSLR equipment. Though I still snap plenty of shots for fun he's busting out hoping to go pro. And go pro he should! Gav's been studying and practicing with an expanding array of equipment over the last year-and-a-half and has gone from good to amazing. Though he still holds a full-time software engineering job with Boeing he's snapping shots all the time and has even been under the recent employ of our own Metro Parks Tacoma for recent park-related events. Aside from his photo skills he has a great, professional attitude without being pretentious or cheesy while somehow remaining warm and engaged with whomever he's photographing.

He recently started a project to photograph and post to his website a portrait a week for 2008 to hone his craft and build his portfolio. This weekend it was my turn to get in front of his camera (definitely out of the ordinary for someone who's used to being behind the lens). His wife Holly and I hit up a few different spots around Tacoma that I'd picked out and Gavin setup and snapped away. The stunning (shots, not me), rich results are below. Thanks for the shots Gav -- I had a great time!

Seriously, I'd like nothing more than to overwhelm him with enough photo jobs that he has no choice but to quit his job and open a studio. Email Gavin and hire him.

P.S. - I'm not really that sinister looking I just photograph better that way. ;)

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