Photos ~ A walk to curb the Monday blues

Although Garfield despised Mondays, I don't usually have much of an opinion on the subject. Until my day reached late afternoon when a few, relatively minor, things went wrong. First, there was a bit of a fire to put out with a project at work. Nothing big, mind you, but just enough to stump myself and a co-worker for a while on something that's kinda' hard to test for. We got through it and I only left about 20 minutes late from there. Once at home, I wheeled our recycling bin in only to find that a large portion of its front was completely snapped. The thick plastic must've been jarred pretty hard by the trucks for that stuff to break. Our yard waste also wasn't taken likely due to some heavy scraps we plucked from our garden. There's some soil in there but it was attached to everything we pulled from the ground and couldn't easily be separated. So, with that, I either throw the stuff in the garbage, take it to the landfill, or pile it up never to be used along side my garage. Why don't they just take the stuff?! The last thing on the Monday blues list is a serious and sudden frost problem in our freezer and nearly a year to the day since we purchased it. Any thoughts on that one from my loyal readers?

So, to chill myself a bit I headed out for a nice walk and photo shoot along Tacoma's scenic Ruston Way waterfront. The night was beautiful and there were some wonderful clouds and decent light for my picture taking fun. It was a nice way to calm my worries and let those previously mentioned snags unravel effortlessly. Take that Monday!

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posted Apr 10, 2006 under commencement bay, ruston way, tacoma waterfront  

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