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After a chilly evening yesterday we were happy to wake up to clear yet calm skies. After doing some research online, we stumbled upon a great spot for breakfast called the Grove Cafe. Their fresh, fresh, fresh-squeezed orange juice got us started right and the tasty food followed it up nicely. Once our bellies were full, we headed back to the water for some more of the Golden Gate in the daylight. From there the two men in the group led everyone on an improvised drive that led us to a couple stunning viewpoints along the coast. One had some interesting old war fortifications and trails that led out to the Golden Gate bridge itself. Although the cuz and fam stayed behind, Sarah and I enjoyed a short hike to and onto part of the bridge -- kinda' like this walk but only on a bigger bridge.

From there we drove back into town and enjoyed some Korean BBQ back in San Francisco's Japan Town. Why Korean BBQ in a Japanese cultural center? Why not?! The food was fantastic and will certainly be something we'll either learn to cook up (yea, right) or seek out back home. Some shopping followed in the commercial heart of the city and we split up yet again for dinner. Sarah and I enjoyed a great pizza place near our hotel (still not as good as our Farrelli's) and the rest of the bunch found some sushi.

Beautiful start to breakfast at the Grove Cafe

Sarah sits behind one tall orange juice at the Grove Cafe

Doggie in the window of a lounge near our hotel

Sarah and I in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

Hiking over to see the Golden Gate up close

Sarah on the Golden Gate Bridge

Downtown San Francisco from the Golden Gate Bridge

Alcatraz from the Golden Gate Bridge

Sarah and I on the Golden Gate

Shadowy self portrait

A rather large ship going under a rather large bridge

A covered walkway in San Francisco's Japan town

Our Korean BBQ spread

Some beef on the grill

Spicy pork just waiting to be cooked

Our cousin tends to the pork

I always do!

Never fond of receiving a "D"

Clever paint job on some pipe covers in downtown San Francisco

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