Photos ~ Seattle skyline at dusk

Gavin had the idea to scope out an area he'd found for taking pictures of Seattle's skyline. After some RC flying tonight, we headed onto an overpass near Beacon Hill and collectively snapped hundreds of photos of a beautiful summer night in Seattle. We had fun grabbing shots of the Olympic Mountains in shades of orange after sunset. The nearby freeways made for some fun longer exposure shots of streaking head and tail lights. A rainbow of colors crossed the sky as the sun sunk further and further behind the Olympics. As the lights of the city came up postcards should have begun flying from our cameras with (throwing modesty aside for a second) the photos we were getting.

Thanks for the idea Gavin and thanks to both him and Steve (of the Fergusons) for hanging out doing what we all love to do on a gorgeous summer evening.

posted Jul 22, 2006 under city light, emerald city, seattle, seattle skyline, sunset, twilight  

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