Photos ~ Tacomic 1st Birthday Party

Yesterday's Tacomic birthday celebration at the Helm turned out great. Setup began mostly by RR and wife Darcy at 11am and food started filling a couple tables about a half hour before party time. The walls were lined with some large, fanciful, pseudo-steam punk sketches, original Tacomics, a few marionettes, more sketches, and yet more Tacomic original sketches. Oh, and there was also a table with a display of the Tacomic creation process. We easily had 50 or so people stop by the show and all enjoyed the unveiling of the Super Tacomic at 4 o'clock. Our draw-your-own-comic station went well toward keeping kids occupied and there was too much good food to be had. Here's a list of thanks:

Thanks to Sean and Peter of the Helm for renting out such a great space at a reasonable price ($50 plus $10/hr for about 4-6 hours of labor -- sweet deal!). Thanks to Gretchen (a.k.a. Pink Cookie Lady) of Pinwheel Catering's Herban Cafe for bringing by a plate of pink sprinkled cookies and thanks to Erik B. for the wonderful spread of goodies he had her bring and for helping hatch this party idea in the first place. Thanks to TacomaMama, jcbetty, and Chickadee for bringing yet more treats to share. Thanks to Chris of The Red Hot and now Bearded Baby Badgeworks for the sweet FeedTacoma buttons. Thanks to Frinklin for the music and to ensie for brining Frinklin. ;) Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate a great local artist and community that surrounds his work and the work of everyone who contributes to FeedTacoma. Thanks to the generous folks that purchased some of RR's work for supporting local art. Thanks to my lovely wife for always helping me in all my endeavors. Thanks to Miss Darcy for the one night a week it sounds like she has no husband due to his dedication to making the Tacomic come to life. Thanks most of all Richard Ryan Anderson for that dedication and for sharing his talent via the Tacomic at FeedTacoma.

For anyone who couldn't make it yesterday here are some photos of the afternoon. Stay tuned also to FeedTacoma tomorrow to see the Super Tacomic 1st Birthday Edition. Cheers!

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