Tacoma Photo Gang - Shot da Tideflats (update 5)

The second meet-up of the Tacoma Photo Gang went well today and we had record attendance! Thirteen of us met and headed into the Tideflats to shoot some shots. With simple maps I provided we carpooled in five cars and made our way to four spots. First was the west end of the Hylebos Bridge where we also saw a view of the fabled Kalakala ferry. From there we went to an old fire department building near the Port of Tacoma on 11th Street. Further down 11th we spent some time under and around the Murray Morgan Bridge and were even invited out onto the docks to see some of the dragon boats. Last stop today was down "D" Street near the marina.

The weather held well today with just a dash of rain when we started. Our hearty bunch stuck together all the way through despite some rather chilly breezes. Anyway, enough with the jibba jabba, here are my photos. Keep an eye on this page as I'll also be adding links to other folks' shots as they hit teh Intarwebs.

Other pics from the afternoon
Link to Tacoma Photo Gang on Flickr
Tide Flats with TPG, GavinJensen.net
Photo (IE required) and Video Slideshows, Klippert.com
Link to Joel's | Greg's | Scott's photos

A tugboat from under the Hylebos Bridge

Beams that support the deck of the Hylebos Bridge

Hylebos Bridge deck (horizontal and vertical)

Under the Hylebos Bridge

Tip top of the Hylebos Bridge

One of two holes in the Hylebos Bridge -- the thin asphault layer sits on top of some mighty wood

The ferry Kalakala as seen from the Hylebos Bridge

An old steam plant near the Hylebos Bridge just recently sold off for scrap metal

Getting the shot from the Hylebos Bridge

An old fire station in the Tideflats near the Port of Tacoma

A fuzzy chimney

A bird's nest in the vines

This fire melted any plastic on the backs of some cars at this old fire station

Melted Chrystler emblem

A pully inside the tower of this old fire station

The Tacoma Photo Gang's convoy of cars

A railroad spike in a puddle

Dragon boats

Look familiar? This is just like one from our last Photo Gang outing

Some Photo Gang members below the Murray Morgan 11th Street Bridge

The marina, Museum of Glass cone, and Thea's Landing condos

Downtown Tacoma from "D" Street

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