Photos ~ Snoqualmie Falls and an evening BBQ

Our quest for local tourist attractions didn't stop the other day with Seattle. Today we hit Snoqualmie Falls so Sarah's cousing and family could see what a river really looks like. Hailing from Modesto, CA, it's not often that they get to experience big water. As Llandro said, they'd have to go to Yosemite for anything like this while we made the quick jaunt to Snoqualmie Falls in about an hour on mostly freeway roads. Yes, we certainly are fortunately to be able to live in such a stunning area.

Anyway, the falls were stunning but not flowing quite as much as we saw this January. Still, going during the week made for easy parking, thin crowds and plenty of time to enjoy the sites. We headed back to town and, on our way, we stopped at the local Fry's so I could look for a new hard drive and everyone could just look around a bit. Once back at home we broke out our cute new Weber grill and cooked up a BBQ dinner of buffalo burgers, brats, and hot dogs. It was a great way to end the day and, for my first hosted BBQ, went pretty well. No one left the table hungry, that's for sure!

Compare this shot to one I took in January -- a little less water, wouldn't you say?

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posted Jun 22, 2006 under fry's electronics, seattle tourism, snoqualmie falls, water fall, weber bbq  

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