Photos ~ Zoo and Narrows Bridge lights

Yesterday I had a chance to visited the nearby Zoolights at the Point Defiance Zoo. Sarah and her mom joined in and strolled around to look at the lights while I hung out to take photos. The attraction was closed due to damage from the wind storm last week so it seemed everyone who missed it was out last night. It was really crowded but tickets were easy to obtain without much wait. Once inside, we checked out the beautiful carousel then I snapped plenty of photos focusing on the depiction of the Narrows bridges. That, the huge rainbow, Mt. Rainier and numerous animals were all represented in tiny LED and traditional bulbs.

Why would I focus so much on the Narrows Bridge display at Zoolights? Because in the past I've taking a few pics of the new bridge colorfully lit with construction lights. Not only that but there was an article in yesterday's News Tribune about a new group hoping to have lights permanently fixed to the bridge. The group,, hopes to use arrays of LEDs powered by solar panels to keep the bridges lit as an icon for the entire region.

It's a group close to my heart because I'm a huge fan of the stunning bridges especially as the new one is currently lit. I even volunteered my time to create their website so they can keep interested folks in the know.

Anyway, here are some pics from Zoolights and a couple I took of the Narrows Bridge lit in holiday colors.

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posted Dec 24, 2006 under narrows bridge lights, point defiance zoo, tacoma, zoolights  

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