Playing Tacoma Ambassador for the Weekend

Had a fantastic weekend playing Tacoma ambassador to a lovely visitor. Zane came up Friday and I did my very best showing her around without making too busy a schedule. Friday, we started at that day's Frost Park chalk off, headed across the street for a sammich with Joel at Hal of a Sub, then some pinball over at Dorky's. From there we had dinner at Galaga Thai (the best Thai food place in the world).

Saturday was a lazy morning followed by a walk from my place to the Proctor Farmers' Market for some shopping then over to Jubilee for a tasty cupcake treat. The scooter was then our guide as I took her down 36th to Ruston Way along the waterfront to Point Defiance Park where we wandered the seawall a bit to Owen Beach then drove the 5 Mile Drive loop. The weather impressively turned from sunny to a deluge of rain so we satisfied a need for rainy day soul food with It's Greek to Me then finished off the evening with an amazing bottle of 2005 Benzinger Port and chocolates from Metropolitan Market.

Sunday morning was just about as lazy but we opted to get out for brunch at The Red Hot then a trip over to Trader Joe's and Tacoma Boy's so she could take some treats back to the east side of the state for her co-workers.

Thanks for letting me play ambassador, Zane, and for letting me get to know you better!

Pinball at Dorky's

Proctor Farmer's Market

Cupcake-induced smiles

(nobody fell in after this photo, promise)


Zane's first Red Hot dog

My ???th Red Hot dog

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