Snowsnoeing Near Paradise With Friends

My friends Linda, Michaela and I headed up to Mt. Rainier today for a snowshoeing trip around Paradise. We planned it only a couple days before but couldn't have asked for a better day. The snow was falling, winds were calm, and there weren't too many other hearty souls around. Our loop turned into a down-and-back mainly because the map we were given didn't seem to jive 100% with the actual terrain we ran into at one point. There was also a clear fork in the trail we nearly took but opted for not simply because it wasn't on the map and we didn't feel like making that evening's 10 o'clock news.

Thanks for a great outing ladies!

Linda and Michaela

Me clearly posing for self-portrait of the year

Michaela and me

Frosty coated Linda enjoys her PB&J lunch

Michaela and her PB&J

And finally me and my PB&J

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posted Mar 26, 2011 under mt rainier, national parks, outdoors, paradise, snow, snowshoeing  

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