Tacoma Link accident and other moments of clairvoyance

There was a slight bit of traffic in downtown Tacoma this morning due to what I discovered to be a train-car accident at the intersection of 21st and Pacific Ave. It didn't look serious (as you can see in the shot I snapped below) but I took it rather seriously because it was my fault. Yesterday, when driving to pick Sarah up before heading home from work, I thought "Gee, I wonder when someone is going to get in an accident with this train."

Today was that day apparently and I could've stopped it! I must now become some sort of super hero or bad Fox sitcom saving people from their fate before they know it will happen. Another recent flash of clairvoyance came last weekend when I commented on a house near ours not in the best condition. I said to Sarah and her mom, "Gee, that place would sure make a nice fixer-upper."

This week a sign went up in their front yard and it's for sale with a pamphlet that reads "Bring some TLC".

Send me your clairvoyant requests if you'd like me to predict that something happen: winning the lottery, wishing acne on a friend or loved one, or predicting Kerry in a landslide.

posted Aug 20, 2004 under accident, clairvoyant, tacoma link  

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