Two time zones from home

We began the hurry up and wait routine for international flights early this morning after our last ferry from hotel to airport in San Jose. The line that awaited us at the Costa Rican capital's airport was only slightly frightening. We split up so I could go pay the departure tax of $26 per person. They only did cash advance via Visa or Master Card so I used up $50 US and 2,000 colones to pay the bill. It works. Back in line I went to check in for our flight. Although lengthy we were only there for a matter of 20 minutes at most. Fortunately, the nearby security check point line dwindled from about half way across the tiny airport to nill. So, once we were all checked in, we breezed on through to our gate to wait some more. Boarding time came and we were all stuffed into a few buses that waited for us at our gate. Huh? Well, our plane was hanging out around the corner near all the bad planes and that strange NASA tent. It didn't appear that anything was fishy so we climbed the stairs into the jet and took our seats so we could wait until take off.

As we accelerated down the runway we bid San Jose and soon the entire country of Costa Rica a fond "Hasta lluego" as we soon saw the landscape and countries below change into Lake Nicaragua, Belize City, the Yucatan Peninsula, then Texas. Upon arrival in Dallas immigration and customs were pretty painless and we fortunately had far less a stroll through the American concourse than we had going down to Costa Rica. Sarah made a couple cell phone calls while I indulged myself at a nearby candy shop with some chocolate bars and watermelon flavored sugary loops. Once airborne again, the U.S. landscape progressed through a slow sunset as we chased the leading edge of the terminator into night across the west. Brilliant view of some of the Rockies and Cascade mountains slid below us until we flew just east of a silhouetted Mt. Rainier before touching down in Seattle.

Sarah's mom picked us up and we drove back to Tacoma where we all enjoyed a Round Table pizza for dinner. Hey, Sarah and I couldn't have too much fresh fruit and delicious food before taking in some good old American crap food!

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