Total lunar eclipse

The old adage about the stars being aligned applied only too well for tonight's total lunar eclipse. After work Sarah and I managed to find a good spot and enjoyed the event together and with some passers by.

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After inhaling a lightning fast dinner at home we packed up the telescope, spotting scope, camera and bundled up for the evening. We drove downtown just after 6pm and could see a chunk of the Moon already covered by the Earth's shadow. The location we chose to observe from was the top floor of the Tacoma Dome transit station parking garage. Soon after complete assembly of the telescope we were approached by a security guard who, although understanding, needed us to pack back up. Without a special permit to star gaze from a nearly empty lot we were on the same plane as a man who recently committed suicide from the same garage. We thanked him for his kindness and took off down Dock Street toward the Museum of Glass.

We parked the car just beyond Thea's Landing condos and quickly grabbed the equipment and headed toward the waterfront walkway. It only took us a couple minutes to be set up and gazing at a now nearly completely covered Moon. As the event progress we encouraged passers by to have a look and took the opportunity to do a bit of education. Everyone seemed really fascinated and was even surprised to learn that an eclipse was even happening.

Once the frustration of being shuffled away from the parking garage died down I really enjoyed our view from the waterfront as did Sarah. We met a really great family who came by twice to have a look through the scope. The young boy with them might present some of my photos from the night at his school so I best stop writing and get on with the photos. Enjoy!

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