Wedding reception party

The wedding celebration continued today with a reception held here at our rental in North Tacoma. We packed the house today with good food, gobs of photos, and people for the afternoon event. Starting with some help cleaning and re-arranging furniture last weekend by Sarah's mom and continuing right on through this morning our parents and Stephie pitched in to prep for the party. We invited friends and co-workers to our place for the party and somewhere around 40 showed up. We had an assortment of viddles like ham/pickle/cream cheese things, golden cheesies, Cajun meatballs, devilled eggs, bruschetta along with drinks and a great red velvet cake. Everything was very tasty and I actually found time between entertaining guests to enjoy some of it. We also setup photos of our wedding and honeymoon multimedia-style for guests to view. The piano housed the wedding station that had our vows, our favorite wedding photos framed, and my computer monitor showing a slideshow of digital pics from the occasion. The TV served as the honeymoon station with its own slideshow and a framed photo of Sarah and I on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica riding horses on a sandy beach in front of a palm tree and turquoise blue Pacific Ocean waters.

Friends of my family, friends of us, and co-workers paid us a visit and filled the afternoon with good talk, laughter and catching up. We loved having the event at our place and want to thank everyone who pitched in and everyone for making the trek to see us on a rainy, Saturday. Since we're working on buying a house I made sure to tell everyone we'd plan to have a house warming party sometime after we're moved in this summer. The twist I thought we could add to that is to make it a house warming star party/BBQ where we'll grill up some meat and open up some eyes to the universe using our 8" telescope. First we have to buy the place. Minor details!

Oh, and thanks to Mandy and Tommy for snapping some photos while everything was going on.

Wedding reception party - this statement = true

Wedding reception party - some of the spread for the party

Wedding reception party - ham/pickle/cream cheese thingies (thanks Angela!)

Wedding reception party - golden cheesies

Wedding reception party - the wedding station

Wedding reception party - the honeymoon station

Wedding reception party - the dried bouquet and a photo of it and our wedding cake

Wedding reception party - the fireplace mantle with photos and one of the wedding centerpieces

Wedding reception party - Tommy and Mandy

Wedding reception party - party goers

Wedding reception party - (from left) Amy, Holly, my dad, and Kevin

Wedding reception party - more party goers

Wedding reception party - Gavin and brother Tyson

Wedding reception party - Sarah and I cutting our cake

Wedding reception party - Micah dazzles Holly with tales of the many things he's found growing in his beard

Wedding reception party - my mom and mom-in-law chatting it up

Wedding reception party - getting their party on

Wedding reception party - Sarah and Tommy

Wedding reception party - Sherry and Stephie

Wedding reception party - Tommy and Kevin

Wedding reception party - Jeff, Louise, and Sarah

Wedding reception party - Kevin acting suave for the camera

Wedding reception party - Sarah and Kevin

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