Back to the Telescope with Jupiter and the Moon

4 weeks ago
It's been far too long but I setup the telescope tonight, showed Connie the clouds of Jupiter and the Moon, and snapped a couple photos. Ideally, a couple pieces I bought to connect my camera to the 'scope would've worked perfectly but, lo, they didn't.

Venus-Mars Conjunction

Feb. 21
I caught a note from Astro Alice that Venus and Mars would be at a close conjunction tonight. Being such a unseasonably comfortable and, more importantly clear, Seattle February evening I grabbed a bit of kit and headed out.

Alki Waterfront Fun w/Friends, Kalakala Remains

Feb. 16
With a little yard work sprinkled here and there the bulk of this 3rd day of our weekend was spent with Aaron and his kiddos along the Alki waterfront just down the hill from us in West Seattle. We parked at the Port's Jack Block Park where we strolled around (the kids scootered) a bit.

D20 Brass Band EMP Star Wars Morning

Jan. 31
That's right, seems like we were here just last night. Our band goes with a Star Wars event like Luke inside a Tauntaun so we also played today's public opening of this exhibit.

D20 Brass Band EMP Star Wars Night

Jan. 30
Us fine, funky D20 Brass Band folks were invited to play tonight's opening of an amazing Star Wars costume exhibit at EMP. Though at first only licensed, sanctioned costumes were allowed we were given the green light a couple days before the event to Jedi or Sith ourselves up.

Needle Ice Grows In Our Garden

Nov. 30, 2014
At least when it's cold. I saw (and stepped on) the phenomenon known as needle ice today as we were doing some outdoor Christmas light planning.

Snowy West Seattle

Nov. 29, 2014
We woke up to our first snow in the new house in West Seattle today. Here are a few photos of the scene!

Seattle Japanese Garden

Nov. 1, 2014
Nothing brightens a gray Northwest day like friends and a stroll through a place lush with Fall color. Connie and I joined Matt and Kelly for a visit to the Seattle Japanese Garden and, let me tell you, it's worth the $6 entry fee -- especially now.

Greenbank Farm & Halloween Hijinx

Oct. 31, 2014
With a D20 Brass Band gig on Whidbey Island schedule this evening I headed out early in the afternoon to catch the ferry. Though the day was soggy with rain I met up early at Greenbank Farm for a tour of the property and to snap some photos.

D20 Brass Band Costume Party

Oct. 25, 2014
As a member of D20 Brass Band, I pride myself on our playing, professional attitude, and our costumes. Though I don't have a particular nerdy character I cosplay I green it up as much as I can.

Partial Solar Eclipse Between Seattle Clouds

Oct. 23, 2014
We were fortunate today in West Seattle we got to enjoy a partial solar eclipse despite some dicey weather swirling all around us. I rigged up my camera, got out some glasses from previous solar eclipses I watched in 2000 and 2002, and snapped away.

Seattle and the Giants Above

Oct. 20, 2014
Clearings in the storm meant great views of some towering clouds against the Seattle skyline.

Stunner of an October Sunrise

Oct. 19, 2014
I'm always keen to photograph and share sunrises like this. Especially as the cloudy and darker months descend upon us here in the Pacific Northwest.
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