White Center Jubilee Days 2014

6 days ago
Just south of our new 'hood is the unincorporated area of King County know as White Center. This week was their Jubilee Days and we wandered down with a couple friends to check out the car show and ride some carnival rides.

Connie's Cherry Kombucha

2 weeks ago
As tasty as it is lovely.

Wildfire Smoke from Seattle

2 weeks ago
The Carlton Complex fire billowed smoke high enough into the atmosphere today that we could see it here in Seattle.

Insanely Beautiful Seattle Skyline Sunset (and other pics from today)

2 weeks ago
Today we took a couple brilliantly homemade sandwiches down the hill to our neighbor West Seattle Brewing to try out their beer and spend some time with people watching the World Cup final. Though the game was mostly over my head the beer was not -- though it went straight to it considering it was an 11% imperial stout.

Summer 2014 Snoqualmie River Float #1

2 weeks ago
No better way to beat 90+ degree heat than a quick drive out of Seattle and a long float down a cool Snoqualmie River with friends and drinks.

D20 Brass Band at Bremerton's First GAMCON

3 weeks ago
I rode my bike down to Seattle's Pier 52 this morning with trumpet slung over one shoulder and camera over the other. The D20 Brass Band crew and I gathered there for a ferry ride to Bremerton to play for their first ever GAMCON.

Deck Cleaning Test

3 weeks ago
Yes, it can be cleaned. Though I may opt for a careful pressure washing method to avoid scrubbing (hard!

Seattle Fireworks From the Front Porch

3 weeks ago
Our plans to be in Tokeland fell through but Connie and I enjoyed a night with neighbors and watching Seattle's Lake Union fireworks from our front porch.

Dad's Birthday in Astoria

4 weeks ago
Today, for my Dad's Birthday, we headed south across the lengthy bridge at the mouth of the Columbia River and into Astoria. My uncle, Dad, Connie and I walked around town running a couple errands but mostly finding food and a tasty beverage or two.

Brewery and Sunset Beach Time in Ocean Park

4 weeks ago
Today we headed to the Long Beach peninsula. Connie and I decided on a slow start which made for a lovely day despite the 4 hours it takes to get there from Seattle.

Honk! Fest West - Day 4

Jun. 22
Today is the kind of day I would qualify as personally epic: 3 gigs, 24 miles biked, and was treated to BBQ chicken complete with Connie's homemade sauce and potato salad. It was like three days in one!

Honk! Fest West - Day 3

Jun. 21
Today Honk! Fest West joined in for the famous Fremont Solstice Parade.

Honk! Fest West - Day 2

Jun. 20
I love me some Georgetown and it only gets better when it's filled with the music of Honk bands.
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