Fishing Charter off Long Beach, WA with Dad & Joseph

2 weeks ago
We awoke at 4am to head to Ilwaco and board the Sarah Kay for our morning journey out to sea. Once we headed out and rounded the mouth of the Columbia River our trusty skipper took us north where, just after sunrise, the fish were practically jumping in the boat.

Beach Time with Family

2 weeks ago
I joined my parents in Ocean Park on a stunning, warm day on the Washington coast. We took their new pup Mad (he's actually really sweet) Max to the beach for a walk and we kicked off our shoes to enjoy the sand and surf.

Lost in the Seattle Fog

Aug. 14
This morning's fog revealed the true nature of Seattle.

Rare Summer Evening Lightning

Aug. 11
I got my camera out after the closer, big stuff hit but I got a couple decent shots once the storm cell moved to the north of Seattle a bit. Plus the Moon was peaking out and that wheel thing on the water is just pretty.

Summer 2014 Snoqualmie River Float #2

Aug. 3
Floating the river is the best way to beat and Seattle summer heat. We welcomed a few newcomers and had a lazy/great time out today!

Stormy Clouds, D20 Brass Band at Imagine Cup, Colorful Evening

Aug. 2
Today started of literally with a bang via some rare summer thunder. From there D20 Brass Band banged our drums and tooted our horns at Microsoft's Image Cup.

Morning and Evening Clouds and Colors

Aug. 1
A stunning start and end to today.

Blue Angels Seafair Practice

Jul. 31
We love our spot in West Seattle and seeing the Blue Angels practice their air show today is yet another. Here also is a quick Vine video of a close fly-by.

Tie Friday with Aaron, Company boat trip on Lake Union

Jul. 25
Today was tie Friday (my unofficial movement to get slacker devs in the Northwest to dress it up a bit) but also a boating kinda' day. We closed the IlluminAge office early and headed out onto Lake Union on a super comfy and silent rental electric boat.

Power substation fire Seattle, Korean BBQ dinner

Jul. 23
Excitement at work today as a (thankfully injury-free) power substation fire billowed smoke into the air downtown Seattle. Aside from that, Connie and I encountered our worst downtown traffic yet with a couple blocks taking over a half hour to traverse.

White Center Jubilee Days 2014

Jul. 19
Just south of our new 'hood is the unincorporated area of King County know as White Center. This week was their Jubilee Days and we wandered down with a couple friends to check out the car show and ride some carnival rides.

Connie's Cherry Kombucha

Jul. 17
As tasty as it is lovely.

Wildfire Smoke from Seattle

Jul. 16
The Carlton Complex fire billowed smoke high enough into the atmosphere today that we could see it here in Seattle.
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