Phileas Fogg gigging inside a Flying Lion

After work today Sarah and I headed out on the freeway to meet Matt and Kelly in West Seattle to hear Bobby play with his band Phileas Fogg. A rain storm piped in from Hawaii dumped buckets of rain and made for a fun drive up and back. On the way there we endured some pretty heavy freeway volumes because 1) everybody forgot how to drive in the rain and 2) everyone always forgets how to drive around corners. Ever notice that? You'd think that most folks would have no problem cruising around a wide turn on a 4-lane road at 60+ MPH with dozens of other vehicles mere feet from you. It never fails but, frankly, I think traffic has had the opposite effect on local drivers. Instead of gridlock-induced road rage, we've all become soft and have forgotten that it's possible to take a curve with our fellow motorists and make it out unscathed. It never fails, however, rain or shine, that traffic around here will bunch up around any 45+ turn. Anyway, I digress...

We made it up there and were treated to a great dinner of vegetarian chili and corn bread then walked the six blocks from Kelly's over to the Flying Lion for the show. The all ages club is in the basement of a West Seattle church but has a pleasantly tasteful decor of art and comfy couches. A decent rock group called Middle Management kicked things off with some tunes that had some great rhythmic ideas and decent melodic lines. Although trying to be hopelessly epic, the lead singer did pretty well aiming high with some of his lines. Once they were done Bobby and Phileas Fogg took the stage and played through some old and new charts. Some minor sound difficulties didn't stop them from putting on a great show with songs more clever in harmonic progression and lyrics than I could ever hope to pen. Cheers to them and cheers to their next album -- should be a good one!

We said our goodbyes, headed back to Kelly's in the rain then headed back down the highway. Driving among the aforementioned motorists with the aforementioned roadway afflictions wasn't enough, apparently, since tonight we added the third element of it being nearly midnight and the rain only seemed to get heavier and darker as we drove home. Although fewer cars lined the lanes standing water proved an interesting challenge. At one point a car one lane to the right and about a car-and-a-half ahead of me hydroplaned through some H2O and sent a tube of water slamming right against my windshield, completely blinding me for a couple seconds. When the water cleared he swerved abruptly in his lane a couple time then appeared to re-gain control. So, our hearts were now pumping. We also hit a bit of the same in a nearby construction zone where, apparently, drainage wasn't the priority. Despite the challenges the tired duo made it home safely after the first night of what will be a busy weekend.

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