Photos ~ A day full of mushrooms

No I'm not taking part in a 24-hour Super Mario-athon. Rather, I found some fungal delights both in- and outside the office today. The inside one was by far the coolest. A couple of our potted plants haven't been doing too well and I discovered a small, bright yellow mushroom growing in the soil of one of them. I presume the other, light colored stuff just below the soil surface is probably mold (or more spores, as closer examination shows) and should be cleaned out for fear that it could get on people's nerves (literally, perhaps).

The other mushrooms were found safely outside. They are both enjoying life in a planted area on a street corner right near our office. Although not funky colored like the indoor specimen, these 'shrooms are beautifully mushroom-shaped and of a decent size.

So which would you eat? Given nature's uncanny ability to clearly label its warning clearly with bright colors (take redheads, for instance) I'd steer clear of the yellow mushroom. The ones growing outdoors are far less sinister looking and might be a tasty treat for a passing dog or homeless Tacoma fellow.

posted Jun 5, 2006 under mushrooms, shrooms  

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