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Venus-Mars Conjunction -

Venus-Mars Conjunction

I caught a note from Astro Alice that Venus and Mars would be at a close conjunction tonight. Being such a unseasonably comfortable and, more importantly clear, Seattle February evening I grabbed a bit of kit and headed out. Connie and I went just up the street to a dead end with a great view to the west and enjoyed looking at a thin, crescent Moon, the Venus-Mars conjunction, and Jupiter and his Galilean moons.

Our spotting scope setup

Really should've got out the big 'scope to look at those amazing shadows

Massive Earthshine on the Moon!

The Olympic Mountains from our spot

Venus (left) and Mars (right), closer than the apparent width of the Moon in the sky

Jupiter and 3 Galilean moons (from bottom left: Callisto, Ganymede, and Io and Europa too close to tell apart)

Goodnight Moon, Venus, and Mars

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