Carving in phases

Lazy was the word this weekend since we barely left the house except to grab dinner with a co-worker and her husband Saturday. Sunday was sleeping in a bit and making use of some pumpkins for Halloween. As Sarah noted, we gutted and roasted a serious bounty of seeds before carving two of four pumpkins last night and the other two tonight. After our decorations last year I felt okay with this years rather paltry Halloween spirit. Nevertheless, I carved a simple moon and starry comet design in my two pumpkins while Sarah opted for one bearing the symbol pi and the other a duo of eighth notes. There's always something relaxing about carving through these large gourds and it even makes me think of how sculpture with some kinds of stone would be.

Anyway, have a safe and happy Halloween! Here are links to Halloween entries from past years here on KFnet. Boo!

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10/30 - Birthday party for Matt

10/27 - Pumpkin art
10/31 - Impromptu Jedi

10/31 - Brak!

10/31 - Laundry Monster

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