Photos ~ Halloween 2009 Baking & Pumpkin Carving

Starting the morning off nice 'n lazy is always a good way to go. From there, however, and after a great breakfast, we walked it over to Proctor for a pumpkin latte then back to see Libby's niece's via Skype. They were all ready to go trick or treating down in "Passes" as one of them called it. This afternoon Libs made a pumpkin pie using one of the sugar pumpkins we got from Dave's Meat & Produce yesterday while I de-seeded the rest and prepped them for carving. A good 20 or so kids stopped by mostly in small groups and all were pretty legit as far as costumes and age were concerned. The seeds came out mighty tasty and now it's time to watch Nightmare Before Christmas.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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posted Oct 31, 2009 under carving, halloween, jack-o-lantern, pie, pumpkins  

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