2012 Yeaster Measter Easter Meaties

That's a bit of a mouthful but, yes, this year's Easter Sunday Measter Meaties over at the Stowe's had a bread focus (hence the Measter and slogan "He is risen." Connie and I went all out and created some razor clam po'boy sliders which she knocked out of the park with an incredible roaster garlic bacon butter for the bread (our grilled component) and a ramulade to add some zest on top of the fried clams. Among the always stiff competition we eeked out a 13 to 12 win over a ham that, though incredibly delicious, was really just barely even warmed on the grill. C'mon! ;)

Colby wakes up to a sniff of frying razor clams

A nearly complete razor clam po'boy slider

Teams lined up for the easter egg hunt

Connie setting the stage for the kids' production of...

...Bob the Dog!

Connie enjoying one of Stowe's coveted beers

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