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Camp Food & Tropical Meaties

Aug. 19, 2012

Dash Point Beach BBQ with Friends

Aug. 18, 2012

2012 Yeaster Measter Easter Meaties

Apr. 8, 2012
That's a bit of a mouthful but, yes, this year's Easter Sunday Measter Meaties over at the Stowe's had a bread focus (hence the Measter and slogan "He is...

Harmony Meaties

Aug. 21, 2011
Today's installment of Meaties carried a theme of harmony between meat and veg. More specifically, entries must include both a meat and veg version of a grilled dish. There...

BBQ at Work and An Evening of Music at Amocat

Jun. 10, 2011

Tokeland House Blooms, Meaties BBQ

May. 30, 2011
I took off "early" (after sleeping in, having breakfast, then packing up) from Tokeland and made it back in time for this month's Meaties BBQ graciously organized and hosted...

Measter Sunday Meaties at the Stowe's

Apr. 24, 2011
Thanks to the Stowe's for hosting an incredible kick off to the grilling season today with Measter Sunday Meaties! With 11 grilled dishes to choose from (and those were...

Photos ~ Measter Sunday Meaties

Apr. 5, 2010
The time returneth again for that great grilling event of events Meaties. Stowe sent out the custom invite mere weeks before but the time spent diligently prepping showed through...

Photos ~ 'Meaties' BBQ With Friends

Aug. 10, 2008
Got an invite from the patriarch of the Stowe fam here in town earlier this week to take a peek inside their periodic BBQ's get-together's. Ensie and I joined...

Photos ~ Snowy BBQ & Rock Band

Apr. 19, 2008
Last night we planned to head over to Aaron's place for BBQ'd buffalo burgers and beer soaked brats followed by some Rock Band. All week the weather called for...

Photos ~ Dad's Birthday BBQ

Jul. 2, 2006
After a roarin' good time watching the smokestack demolition, Sarah and I drove down to Vancouver. Today's my dad's 65th Birthday and we headed down there to celebrate. First...

An evening BBQ with friends

Jun. 26, 2006
I enjoyed using our new BBQ so much since first using it last week that it was time to bust it out again tonight. We invited Angela and Steve...

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