Alki Waterfront Fun w/Friends, Kalakala Remains

With a little yard work sprinkled here and there the bulk of this 3rd day of our weekend was spent with Aaron and his kiddos along the Alki waterfront just down the hill from us in West Seattle. We parked at the Port's Jack Block Park where we strolled around (the kids scootered) a bit. Once done there we headed down along the water towards Marination Ma Kai.

But, along the way, I remembered that the recent demolition of the historic Kalakala ferry meant some of the pieces were brought here to the Salty's parking lot so we took a look around. The pieces were a sight to see especially since, while I still lived in Tacoma, so there the Kalakala spent her last days along the Hylebos waterway. Ironically, she had to meet her end and we both had to leave Tacoma for Seattle before we'd actually get to meet up close. I'm happy to see her partially preserved here and it was a joy to imagine some of her beauty up close.

We all had a great lunch at Marination then wrapped up our day, after Aaron and the kids set off, with a long drive/cruise around the tip of Alki and back up on the other side through the Alaska junction in West Seattle. Though chilly because of the blustery winds, the day was a stunner and so was the sunset over the city and Space Needle.


Inside the Kalakala's wheelhouse

I'd say she has a rather nice view

Kalakala's giant rudder

Because we beat Aaron and Connie back to the car

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