D20 Brass Band EMP Star Wars Morning

That's right, seems like we were here just last night. Our band goes with a Star Wars event like Luke inside a Tauntaun so we also played today's public opening of this exhibit. We funked out a couple solid sets inside EMP's Skychurch and even received a mouthed "fantastic!" from C-3PO himself Anthony Daniels! Aside from our playing the costumes on display were a joy to see up close -- even minus my personal favorite Imperial Guard. Go see it!

Yep, still foggy

Lindsey trying on my mask

I'm guessing this is about what Han saw when he awoke from that carbonite

I love LEDs too much

An original, stand-in Yoda puppet

Obi Wan from Episode IV

The progression of Palpatine

Nice touch on that mannequin

"Oh, hey girl. Yeah, I roll with that Vader guy over there."

Ed Norton, rebel pilot

Steve and the real Slave Leia

Star Wars does American Gothic

Yeah, you know who shot first

Pretty happy with this one of Anne

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