That's a spicy eclipse

Annular Solar Eclipse from McChord AFB, Tacoma, WAAt right is an animation I put together from tonight's annular solar eclipse. I along with Sarah and my buddy Matt Turner spent two hours gazing up at the event through our homemade eclipse glasses. We gathered at our usual eclipse-viewing spot just outside the northeastern fence of McChord Air Force Base south of Tacoma, WA. The images for the animation were taken through the kind support of PLU Photo Services and Chris Tumbusch who again lent me their Nikon 995 digital camera. The images begin at 5:04pm PST and end once some high clouds shrouded our view at 6:40pm. The eclipse maximum took place at 6:04pm when the Moon covered about 49% of the Sun as viewed from our location.

Eclipses don't come along just any day and will not do so in our area for quite some time. The next notable eclipse in our area will occur in Portland, OR on August 21, 2017 when the Sun will be completely eclipsed by the Moon.

Pinhole view of the eclipse through fingers

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