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2021 Super Pink Moon

Apr. 26, 2021

Eclipse 2017 Leg #3: Totality then Baker City -> Walla Walla

Aug. 21, 2017

Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

Sep. 27, 2015
A golden evening in Seattle made for a perfect night for friends and neighbors to gather for an event in the sky. As everyone arrived we offered up warm...

Jupiter-Venus Conjunction

Jun. 30, 2015
Thankfully, social media is aware enough of celestial events to have pointed out tonight's conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Venus. Armed with that info, and some binoculars, a...

Back to the Telescope with Jupiter and the Moon

Feb. 28, 2015
It's been far too long but I setup the telescope tonight, showed Connie the clouds of Jupiter and the Moon, and snapped a couple photos. Ideally, a couple pieces...

Venus-Mars Conjunction

Feb. 21, 2015
I caught a note from Astro Alice that Venus and Mars would be at a close conjunction tonight. Being such a unseasonably comfortable and, more importantly clear, Seattle February...

Partial Solar Eclipse Between Seattle Clouds

Oct. 23, 2014
We were fortunate today in West Seattle we got to enjoy a partial solar eclipse despite some dicey weather swirling all around us. I rigged up my camera, got...

First shot at post-processing/combining some long exposure night sky shots

Oct. 11, 2012

Transit of Venus

Jun. 5, 2012
The greenhouse heated planetary neighbor of ours, Venus, slid between us and our shared sun today for the last time until the year 2117 -- and I wasn't expecting...

Tonight's Supermoon Over Tacoma

Mar. 19, 2011
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Photos ~ An evening crescent Moon and Venus

Apr. 19, 2007
Got a call from our friend Angela wondering what that bright start next to the Moon was. I guess correctly that it was Venus and what a stunning pair...
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Things to do in Tacoma under the stars

Aug. 3, 2006
Believe it or not night life doesn't always have to consist of hanging at clubs or pubs. Here's a couple events that will get you out [for free] and...

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