BrickCon 2014

Adventure planned and adventure achieved today! My brother and his family came up yesterday to join us for the weekend and to take my newphews to their first BrickCon! Our ambitious, car-less plan for today was to hop on the shuttle to Alki where we'd then water taxi across Elliot Bay, stroll from the waterfront up the hill to Westlake Center, board the monorail to our destination of Seattle Center -- and it worked out perfectly! Joined by our neighbor and his son we were soon among throngs of other Lego fans enjoying the mastery and art of everything on display. The boys were all incredibly well-behaved for the entire day and had a memorable one at that!

We wrapped up the day BBQ'ing some burgers for us and the neighbors and enjoying a fire and s'mores out back.

The boys occupied themselves in the morning

Brought this out from last year but moved the battery pack to my pants pocket

Lego name tags I made for my nephews and neighbor

All ready (with spiffy wearable Legos) for our day!

Gazing out the back of the shuttle to the water taxi

Boarding the water taxi

Inventive zip tie bird deterrent

Quick stop to play on this squid bike rack

Wrote our phone numbers on their wrists in case they get lost

A little behind the scenes

Time to do some building!

Still in good spirits while waiting for our bus

Tobi's such a gangster

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