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BrickCon 2014

Oct. 4, 2014
Adventure planned and adventure achieved today! My brother and his family came up yesterday to join us for the weekend and to take my newphews to their first BrickCon!...

Got Legos? Make This iPhone Stand!

Mar. 13, 2011
Found a bunch of plans on Instructables but thought I could make something even smaller but still plenty stable. Here's how you can make it happen with the most...

Photos ~ Lego Space Pirates and Vehicles a la Stowe

Jun. 11, 2009
At least that was the idea but since when do I ever follow "rules"? ;) Stowe challenged his son Barrett and I to create a space pirate dude then...

Photos ~ Lego Alt Santa Sleighs

Dec. 23, 2008
I'm always down for some Lego building action and the excuse this time was the holidays. The idea du jour a la Stowe was alternative Santa sleighs. So he,...

Photos ~ Debate and Legos, Together At Last

Oct. 8, 2008
After the idea hatched Monday night at local hang The Red Hot our first Lego and prez debate party took place. Before everyone came over I released my boxed...

Photo ~ Bitchin' Lego Spaceship

Sep. 5, 2008
That's right -- I may not be an engineer like my brother who can draw or build pretty much anything he wants but this things rocks! It's a long...

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