Get away clean at Classy Chassis

Without washing our cars for months or, as Sarah claims, over a year it was time. Last weekend we headed out to Classy Chassis in Lakewood to have the job done. Why there? A couple friends recommended them and I've been curious since the company I work for created their website.

We opted for an oil change and their best machine wash. Getting started for us first-timers was slightly confusing since neither the sprawling facility nor their website boast any easy signage or direction. After a quick stop in the main store we were directed straight over to the lube place where we were greeted by a young man who took fine care of us. There was some simple paperwork to fill out since we hadn't been there before and he repeatedly offered us a complimentary drink from their cooler or even the espresso stand elsewhere on site. Once both our cars were in the shop Sarah and I barely had time to play a couple MarioKart tracks on our DS's before they were done. Before we left, they even showed us a dipstick to confirm the level of oil they filled it to.

Next was the car wash itself. Again, though loosely directed to the tunnel entrance, we were left a little confused before finding the right spot. I'm thinking a little printed map might help here. Anyway, we found the entrance then got their ultimate wash that included a cleaning, some shine stuff for the car and a rain-x like treatment for the windshield. Nothing to it and my dark blue Subaru came out shiny with only those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies needing a quick wipe down back at home.

Finally we drove up under a covered area where someone gave the inside of our cars a cleaning. Floor mats, seats, the dash, and windows were all covered and came out looking great. Even the main shop we waited in was pretty pleasant with plenty of goodies to buy for snacking and even complimentary wi-fi.

Coming away with a happy car inside and out for $50 is a pretty great price and they have plenty simpler and deluxe ways to take care of your car. With a little lovin' for first-timers added in I don't think I'd have a complaint at all. Except that it's in Lakewood. :P

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