Deception Pass & Langley on Whidbey Island

Connie and I headed north this morning for our weekend on Whidbey Island. We decided to go through Mt. Vernon and on to Deception Pass. The waterways and parks at Deception Pass are fantastic and the bridges over the pass itself are impressive and fun to explore. Plenty of other tourists were about but we enjoyed crossing the bridges and watching the incredibly fast-flowing tidal currents and boils below.

A stop for lunch in Oak Harbor was next and we stopped in at Flyer's Brewery for a pint and bite. Their beer is always a pleaser especially in their malty, delicious Pacemaker Porter. From there we ventured further south on the island to Greenbank Winery. Currently for sale, the property has some beautiful old buildings including a great barn but no more wines are being made here. The vineyards themselves are tended by another wine maker in town and Greenbank itself is simply selling off their stock of vino since the vintner passed away a few years ago. No one else has followed in his footsteps but the life can be yours for a relatively affordable $460k.

Our drive further south took us to a stop at the Taste 4 Wines. We tried a few there then headed on through the cute town of Langley to our B&B for the weekend Eagles Nest Inn. We were greeted by one of the owners who went through the rules then lead us to our room at the top of the circular-shaped building. Our room had nearly 360 degree views of the beautiful forest surrounding us, some of which was open a bit so we could see to the water and Mt. Baker beyond. Though a lovely place we weren't there to stay in our room so we headed back into Langley for a walk along the water then a fabulous dinner at the lovely Prima Bistro where Connie mixed and matched with some small plates and I with some bloody red meat.

Smith Tower again becomes Seattle's tallest skyscraper ;)

Wine bottle wall

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