Downtown construction mini mystery

Anyone who attended last May's public spaces workshop knows that the topic of better pedestrian access around town would be great where possible. One glaring spot is at the entrance to the Bridge of Glass where a large, iron fence stands. I don't recall if it's for security reasons or to help boost ticket sales at the Wash. State History Museum or what but it's truly unfortunate to have to wind around rather than walk straight onto and over the bridge.

No fence entrance to bridge of glassGot an email yesterday pointing to some work being done right there at the fence itself. I drove by on my way home to find the barrier completely gone save for a bunch of construction equipment taking its place. Couldn't find any records on the city's website so I leave it to my faithful readers. Any idea what they're doing? Did they take our advice and decide to remove that fence? Is it just some mundane utility work over which they'll again return the iron barrier? If it is, can we convince them to leave it removed?

Thanks Jake!

P.S. - They city really should have location-based info on construction and/or public works jobs being done. Need a helpful web company to help you make that happen? I happen to know one. ;)

Look ma, no fence! (except that temporary one)

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posted Sep 21, 2006 under bridge of glass, gate, history museum, tacoma, union station  

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