Greenbank Farm & Halloween Hijinx

With a D20 Brass Band gig on Whidbey Island schedule this evening I headed out early in the afternoon to catch the ferry. Though the day was soggy with rain I met up early at Greenbank Farm for a tour of the property and to snap some photos. I was thoroughly impressed by the place and all the good that goes on there but especially enamored how beautiful it was even on a gray Northwest day. Your event or wedding would probably be pretty stunning there outdoors in better weather or, on a day like today, inside the historic barn where we played tonight.

Once we finished up many of us hurried back to catch the next ferry to head to various places on the mainland for Halloween fun. I met up with Connie and friends on Seattle's First Hill for a costume contest/pub crawl. We went last year and loved how friendly everyone is because of all the costumes so, though I joined late, we did it again this year. I was one of the four members of the Evil Fairy Brigade and was able to make it out for a bit of the fun tonight.

Preparation for my costume

Not today it isn't

Greenbank Farm property

After the tomatoes are hung

A field of solar on the farm

Our beautiful barn stage

This barn is such a stunning event space!

A giant glacial erratic in the field

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