Icy Sparks

Today's ice storm in Tacoma is nothing new to me growing up in the Portland area but it does make for an interesting day. Starting with my walk. I stomped my feet through the layer of ice on top of yesterday's snow but stayed on the snow as much as possible for traction (I know, snow for traction, who'd thunk it?). I waited at the light rail station for my ride most of the way to work and, among all the caution blinking lights of the train saw one I'd never noticed before. I quickly realized that flashing was electricity arching from the power pole of the train to the overhead wires. Once on the train the power actually blinked on and off a few times but batter backups kept us moving.

Careful out there today. Here's a shot I was able to snag of the light rail sparks flying. Here also is video of the power blinking on and off while riding the Link this morning.

Light rail sparks flying due to ice on the power line

About a half inch of ice atop the snow as of noon today

Safely knocked all this down after I snapped this photo outside our office back door.

We now, as of about 3:30pm, have a snow/ice/snow sandwich!

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