Jupiter-Venus Conjunction

Thankfully, social media is aware enough of celestial events to have pointed out tonight's conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Venus. Armed with that info, and some binoculars, a spotting scope, and my normal camera's zoom lense, I headed out to a nearby dead end atop our hill that looks to the west. I ran into a couple neighbors we met previously while they were out walking their huge, sweet mastifs. Gazing at the crescent Venus, faint cloud bands on Jupiter, and even a quick trip over to see the nearly full Moon was great but the beer they kindly donated to the cause made the stargazing fantastic.

I took some eyepiece photos through the spotting scope and some zoomed/cropped shots with my camera's lens but the optical artifacts are pretty bad. It reminds me, however, to get on 3D printing a better version of the attachment for my telescope to use it as a giant lense. In the meantime, here are a few shots from a lovely West Seattle evening.

posted Jun 30, 2015 under astronomy, astrophotography  

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