Photos ~ Debate and Legos, Together At Last

After the idea hatched Monday night at local hang The Red Hot our first Lego and prez debate party took place. Before everyone came over I released my boxed corral of bricks and pieces onto a blanket. It was a glorious site and it's been years since they've all seen the light of day. It's funny because there are all kinds of random little chunks from my childhood in there including a Mask action figure, a gooey Starburst that had stickied up a few Legos, a pile of original set instructions, a Boba Fett action figure, and on and on. Once the debate started everyone began to arrive. Ensie, Frinklin, Stowe, Izenmania, Nick, Ashley, and even my buddy Bobby from Seattle all crammed into a Lego-filled living room for the occasion.

Most everyone intently sat on the floor and built while Obama and McCain "debated" on the teevee. That event was pretty much a draw which means Obama won because he's already ahead in all kinds of polls nation wide. The real contest was in my living room. Peep the pics below to see our creations and feel free to vote for your favorite below.

Colby inspecting the setup for the evening

Yea, don't know how long that's been like that

Dawn dutifully constructing

Nick and the pile

Bobby and his creation

Mini McCain tells Dawn to do bad things

Bobby's Moving Castle

Stowe's elephantine Republibot

Kevin's Obama lego logo (

Dawns sweet ride (complete with front turning action)

Nicks... uh... awesome thing!

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