Long Walk, Indian Fry Bread, and Sunset in Tokeland

Connie and I enjoyed a wonderful day in Tokeland today. We headed out early between rain squalls towards the marina to move around and get some fresh air. Though wet we fortunately found an umbrella in my car we used to keep mostly dry. At the dock Connie chatted up a couple nice ladies who gave us great tips we hope to put to use to get some crabbing done out there.

Later that day we decided to head out the opposite way for a walk and head towards the Hwy 105 junction to hit up a place for some Indian fry bread and the casino to try out their Bloody Mary. The latter was kinda' "me" but the former, let me tell you, was fantastic!

You can go two places for fry bread on the Shoalwater Reservation there along 105. One is the Chief Lighthouse Charlie's and the other, which we visited, is a little white house just a hundred or so feet south of there. We walked up and, from the mud room at the front of the house, a nice older woman greeted us, laid out our options, told us of a fry bread-related family feud, and made us up our tasty treats.

In all the day turned from rain to complete, beautiful, warm sun, we walked about 8 miles, and got to try some amazing local food. No complaints.

Indian fry bread strawberry shortcake

Indian fry bread with cranberry compote and cinnamon sugar

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