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Power substation fire Seattle, Korean BBQ dinner

Jul. 23, 2014
Excitement at work today as a (thankfully injury-free) power substation fire billowed smoke into the air downtown Seattle. Aside from that, Connie and I encountered our worst downtown traffic...

Dim Sum Lunch & Bad Santa Screening w/Director Terry Zwigoff

Nov. 29, 2012
Dim sum lunch with my co-workers was fun as we celebrated one of their first home purchases. We walked about a mile from our office to the place and...

Last Day in a Rainy New Orleans, Poboys, Drinks & Art

Nov. 4, 2012

More Food, Shopping & Leroy Jones in New Orleans

Nov. 3, 2012

Alley in Bag, Pasta Dinner & Full Tilt Ice Cream

Oct. 26, 2012

Steaks Over the Open Fire

Jul. 5, 2012
Yessir, this is how we do delicious steaks in Tokeland....

Long Walk, Indian Fry Bread, and Sunset in Tokeland

Jun. 23, 2012
Connie and I enjoyed a wonderful day in Tokeland today. We headed out early between rain squalls towards the marina to move around and get some fresh air. Though...

Mt. Rainier, Old City Hall, Colby, Quiche, & Froyo

Apr. 7, 2012
I started off this particularly beautiful Saturday with a few photos of our beloved Mt. Rainier and Old City hall and a quiche from nearby Corina Bakery. Colby got...

Washaway Beach, Fried Razor Clams

Feb. 20, 2012

Birthday Games at Stowe's

Jan. 29, 2012
Happy Birthday to my good friend Mr. James Stowe! I had a great afternoon over at his place with friends and family playing games and eating tasty treats....

Harmony Meaties

Aug. 21, 2011
Today's installment of Meaties carried a theme of harmony between meat and veg. More specifically, entries must include both a meat and veg version of a grilled dish. There...

Zara Offers Tacoma New Tastes Downtown

Aug. 17, 2011
I had the pleasure to join other Tacoma types last night at the Zara Mediterranean Cuisine's pre-opening reception. Local officials like Mayor Strickland, Council Members Boe, Mello, Woodards were...

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