Measter Sunday Meaties at the Stowe's

Thanks to the Stowe's for hosting an incredible kick off to the grilling season today with Measter Sunday Meaties! With 11 grilled dishes to choose from (and those were only the official entries, believe me, there was plenty else!) the competition was stiff. I made up some grilled crab burgers complete with crab I drove back from the coast this morning and green onions from my garden! I got one vote but was pretty proud of my dish. Incredible food all around so I can't wait to see what everyone busts out for next time!

Anna's orange cinnamon rolls (front) and my crab burgers (back)

Bits of my crab burgers on French bread

Brandon's amazing mahi-mahi with a mango, cilantro, and blackened tomato salsa

Mandi's spam pineapple bacon kabobs

A true Northwest BBQ considering the dicey weather outside

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posted Apr 24, 2011 under bbq, easter, grillin, meaties, stowe  

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