New York museum dash

After a fantastic day/night yesterday the traveling couples went our separate ways this morning. Gavin and Holly went for a run in Central Park while Sarah and I headed to the same area to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art. We hopped on a subway train that I thought would take us to a stop across the park from the Met. Unfortunately it turned out to be an express train that completely skipped over the desired stop by about four miles. With little trouble, however, we regrouped and caught another train back and soon found ourselves crossing through Central Park. It was great to enjoy some nature and quiet and, wouldn't you know it, a big event. A cancer walk was taking place and hordes of people walked on some of the major park paths, creating only a temporary block to our own walking progress. Once to the Met we focused on a roof top sculpture exhibit and enjoyed it and the view of the city it provided. From there we wandered nearly by ourselves through a magnificant collection of musical instruments from throughout time and the world. We then enjoyed some medieval armor and weaponry exhibits. After a couple short hours, however, we had to leave to check out from our hotel room.

We briefly met up with Gavin and Holly and, after Sarah set the land speed record for packing, headed out again this time to see the Museum of Modern Art. Right away we set our sights on a couple exhibits and began with the photography. Funny enough, there was a featured artist with photos of Mt. St. Helens on display so we felt right at home (and even showed some pride by talking rather audibly about how we've climbed that and see this around the volcano). From there we looked through some recent acquisitions then moved on to industrial and other design. Furniture, products, you name it and we saw it. My brother-in-law David would've loved some of the items we saw and I made an effort to capture some of them for him. Enjoy David! After this we took in the multimedia exhibits then headed briefly outside to see some sculptures. It was a whirl wind stop but we really enjoyed seeing what we could.

The time then came for us to haul our bags a block from our hotel to catch a couple subway trains then a sky train/tram to get to JFK for our flight. We had plenty of time to spare and, before we knew it, were bidding a fond farewell to New York and a wonderful trip with great friends. Now to try and wake up on-time for work tomorrow morning...

Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Exhibit (a.k.a. invisible armor)

Model of New York's amazing Highline Trail

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