Outdoor Cat Enclosure Project

Since moving in with Connie the now two cat household needed a new option when it came to where the kitty little box resides. Though both Colby and Alley are indoor only a previous owner of the house installed a pet door that I had a plan to again put to use. With some spare wood in the garage, some leftover castors from some Ikea shelves, a few hinges and wire mesh from the hardware store, and a little unused blue paint I created my first outdoor kitty enclosure.

My idea was to put the little box in a place to better prevent sand from being tracked all through the house but also to give the cats a fun place to hang outside. I based the dimensions of the enclosure off our 18 inch wide kitty box. It had to allow us easy access to clean it and a comfortable area the cats could do their business. I also measured the bigger of the two cats (my boy Colby) for approx walking height (~12 inches) and sitting height (~14 inches) to make sure there was room for both of them to navigate and possibly add in a pedestal where they could lounge all while not sticking out too much into a path running along side the house.

The photos below show what I came up with to meet all those requirements and hopefully beat most of the elements in our fairly protected backyard.

Using some of the wood to make an approximate outline of the enclosure

Here's my basic mock-up of the enclosure in Photoshop

There's the access door for easy litter box cleaning

I primed all the outer wood and used a natural stain for any wood on the inside the kitties may come into contact with

A little house-matching blue paint

Kitties in the enclosure for their first use

The calmly hung out while we enjoyed some wine outside

Colby's been in and out all night -- I'd call that a success!

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