DIY Cat Food Box

Since triumphantly constructing an outdoor kitty and litter box enclosure I decided to keep this streak going. Today? A cat food box. Colby and Alley have different food needs and tendencies so with a couple trips coming up Connie and I needed an option to feed Alley separately from Colby. A tip from her vet and trip to the hardware store led us in the direction of cutting an Alley-sized hole in a plastic storage bin. After some sizing changes I got it just right on the 4th try to make it just comfortable for Alley to get in while keeping Colby out.

Alley likes it (the 8 pound weights are to keep things from sliding around)

Detail of the hole with duct tape helping dull the edges

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posted Oct 14, 2012 under animal, cat, diy, pet, project  

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