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Saturday I had the pleasure of being a volunteer photographer for Metro Parks for their Train to Trek kick-off. Two engines pulled four sleek silver cars away from Freighthouse Square and out to Eatonville. There were plenty of happy faces especially on kids, some of which couldn't believe they got to ride on the huge train. 147 passengers were along for this invite-only inaugural event and were kept entertained and informed with talks about Pierce County rail history and by Trek staff during the trip.

Though I'll be riding along with my lovely wife during the next excursion in July, this time around I got to chase the train. I first took some shots under 705 on the 26th Street rail overpass. From there I hopped into my Subaru and headed out to Hwy 512 and Portland Ave. The tracks cross 512 just near there and saw on the satellite a good gravel area near the overpass for parking. I first popped into Milton down the street to see if there were any good views straight down the tracks. There weren't but I could see the crossing lights flashing about 6 blocks! I hung a quick U-ie, parked, then ran onto the overpass where, just as I fastened the proper lens, the train came into sight and I took my shots.

From there I headed into South Hill and down Meridian south. What a cluster#$!%!!! I say it every time but remind me never to live or be around that area ever. A little traffic from some construction at a light held me up just a bit but I remembered that tracks cross up in Graham so I might be able to get a couple shots there. I pulled into a feed store adjacent to the tracks and decided, since I didn't know precisely where the train was, to wait 10 minutes then move on if I didn't see them. About a minute after I heard the "DING! DING! DING!" of the nearby crossing and saw the Trek train coming 'round the bend.

Final stop in Eatonville was an easy catch as I arrived with 20 minutes or so to spare. I had a great time seeing how Trek and Tacoma Rail pulled this new venture/adventure together and can't wait to try it out myself without all the chasing. It was also inspiring to see four different types of trains in the Dome District all at the same time: this tourist activity, the Sounder Commuter train parked for the weekend, the Link light rail, and nearby freight trains along Dock Street.

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