Photos ~ Jet Flyover, 26th and Pacific, Hotel Merkle Sign, Lunch and Dinner

A couple jets flew out of JBLM and directly overhead as I headed off for work this morning. From there my co-worker Nick and I had a stroll to lunch where I took a couple "before" shots of 26th and Pacific before the Sounder extension construction starts. Also spied the rusty old Hotel Merkle sign up close then took a shot of my tasty fiesta burger and fries from Mary's. That leafy stuff is a whole leaf romaine (from my garden) salad I made with just a drizzle of olive oil, balsamic, and sprinkling of red pepper flakes, garlic salt, some kind of exotic pink salt, and black pepper.

posted Jun 17, 2010 under hamburger, hotel merkle, jblm, jets, sounder extension, tacoma  

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